Getting Started

These series of tutorials describe how to connect an Android device to an Arduino ADK board. Furthermore, we have tried to make it as easy as possible by concentrating in the use of Processing instead of Eclipse as the tool of choice for writing the Android Apps.

Here you can learn how to connect Arduino to Android via the USB wire the phone uses for data transfers as well as for recharging its battery. You might be interested in using Bluetooth as an alternative to get Arduino and the Android artifact to talk to each other.

Phones, Tablets & Connection Strategies

Before moving any further, you need to understand which are the connection capabilities of your Android device. It depends not only on the hardware configuration of your device, but also on the software you have running on it.

It is very hard to trace all the possible Android devices with all the existing OS versions and mods. Therefore we are going to concentrate in phones that haven’t been rooted and have official updates. This doesn’t mean the following explanations couldn’t work for your phone and we will be more than happy to list your configuration for others to know.

OS < 2.2 (pre Froyo)
2.3.3 ≥ OS ≥ 2.2
OS ≥ 2.3.4 (phones)
OS ≥ 3.1 (tablets)

The different ways of connecting the Android device -except for the USB Host mode- to an Arduino board are described as part of the labs website, just click on one of the following links: