Are you interested in posting sensor information to the internet? Do you wonder how to make a motor move using data from a website? Visit the step by step tutorial and start playing with your Arduino Uno board, Processing, and the Internet.

This document describes different techniques to connect your Arduino Uno board to the Internet. This will work as well for other boards, since the technique to use is based in using a computer as a gateway for your data. Whether you want to send some sensor information to the network or you want to get data from the net and use it on an actuator, this is for you.


You need to easily post information from a sensor to the net. You have access to a server able of using PHP as a scripting language.

For this recipe to work you need to have access to a webserver capable of executing php scripts. The code here proposed is not completely safe, therefore this technique is NOT recommended for using outside a prototyping scenario.

Help Needed

Do you have an idea on how to improve this example? Have you an idea on how to easily implement some sort of security on the server side? Send an email to labs [at] arduino.cc with your ideas and contribute!


David Cuartielles: defined the basic examples and wrote the initial version of the documentation. David is one of the co-founders of the Arduino project